About us

“極”means exquisite, delicate, superior.

At Kyoku Yakiniku, our goal is to serve you the most premium quality Japanese wagyu which is famous for its impeccable quality, unrivalled fine texture, buttery flavour, envious juiciness and tenderness.

We are Adelaide’s first Japanese Yakiniku restaurant to bring you the most authentic Yakiniku experience unlike any other.

Yakiniku is Japanese-style BBQ with fresh and seasoned ingredients placed on a wire mesh and grilled to your liking.

Our menu is exquisitely curated to offer you distinct tastes and flavours of high quality full-blood Japanese Wagyu beef with exceptional marbling.

Treat yourself to the buttery, tender, juicy and melt-in-the-mouth Japanese Wagyu beef.
Its natural rich and exquisite taste will infuse your pallet beyond your imagination.


Kyoku Yakiniku

“Purveyor of Fine Japanese Wagyu”